11-14 OCTOBER 2023


11-14 OCTOBER 2023

How to register

1. Individual registration

The registration must be processed only through the official online registration system.
Before processing the registration, check out your registration category.

To manage the registration, LOGIN to your existing account, otherwise please select CREATE ACCOUNT

Active EADV Members benefit from a preferential rate. The only way to take advantage of this rate is to log in to the system using the email address and password linked to the membership account, i.e. the same email address and password used to log into MyEADV.

Any participant who wishes to register online as a Trainee (< 35 years old), a Student (<35 years old) or a Nurse/Medical Assistant is required to upload a Proof of Status to validate the registration.

Online registrations for these special categories are only possible until Wednesday, 27 September 2023.

Any special requests must be sent to the Registration Department ( no later than Wednesday, 27 September 2023.

Would you like to learn more about EADV membership benefits or apply? 
Click here.

For any questions related to your membership account or new membership requests, please contact

2. Third party registration (up to 9 participants) 

  • Third-Party registrations are open to individuals or companies in charge of the registration of 1 to 9 participants.
  • To manage the registration, Login to your personal account or select Create AccountDo not register using someone else’s credentials.

You will then be the Registration Owner (contact person) and the only one entitled to put forward any requests concerning the registration(s) (such as name changes) and receive documents such as QR code vouchers, invoices, etc.

A Third-Party processing the registration directly from the participant’s account is not considered the Registration Owner.

Important TIPS:

    1. Use your personal account for the login, click on the panel “Individual and Third Party Registration” and select the option “Register or book tickets for someone else
    2. Insert the active (private or working) email address of your client at this stage only*.
      (This allows them to download their personal certificates after the congress). Do not use fake email addresses.

In case the person is an EADV Member, make sure that the email address inserted at this stage is the one connected to their EADV membership account, otherwise they will not benefit from preferential rates.

  • In order to register a Trainee (< 35 years old)Student (<35 years old)Nurse or a Medical Assistant, please upload the valid documents to validate the registration.
    Online registrations for the above-mentioned categories are only possible until Wednesday, 27 September 2023.
  • Any special requests must be sent to the Registration Department ( no later than Wednesday, 27 September 2023. Any requests received after this date will not be considered.

Follow our registration instructions to ensure a smooth Third-Party registration process.

3. Group registration (10+ participants)

Group registration is possible for groups of 10+ participants. This number can be reached through different orders.
A group with less than 10 participants have to be processed through a Third-Party Registration.,

Follow our registration instructions to ensure a smooth registration process:

In order to be validated, a Group Registration needs to meet the following conditions before the selected deadline:

  • Congress tickets are paid in full
  • Each ticket bought is assigned to an attendee (blank tickets/registration are not allowed)

Registrations not adhering to these rules will not be considered valid.

Participants mandatory information required

Before starting a Group Registration, make sure you have collected all the below mandatory information for each of your participants since no blank registrations are allowed:

  • PARTICIPANT EMAIL ADDRESS – The active email address (business or private) of each delegate is mandatory.
    For EADV Members
    : please make sure that you have been given the email address connected to the EADV membership account: the online registration system can recognize an EADV member only by this information.
  • PARTICIPANT COMPANY (that they work for)
  • PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION CATEGORY (check here the correct category)
  • PARTICIPANT STATUS AS Healthcare Professional (HCP) or Non-Healthcare Professional (NON-HCP) (learn more here)

Additional information

  • The Group Leader’s contact email address cannot be changed during the registration period.
  • The Group Leader manages the registration of the Group and is responsible for communicating with their attendees. The registration team will not contact your attendees directly and will not provide any documents to your delegates.
  • By processing a Group registration, the Group Leader is entitled to:
    • Process name changes individually at no extra charge (please check our Name Change Policy)
    • Download the singular QR code vouchers of each attendee
    • Apply and receive invitation letters for each attendee
    • Download excel exports including the list of registered attendees and paid fees
    • Apply for Group pick-up of the badges: by appointment only, you can pick up all the badges included in your group registration the day before the congress.
      Since places are limited, please book your pick-up in advance by Wednesday, 27 September 2023 to


Name changes

Name Change policy available here.



Attendees are the only entity/person entitled to download their personal documents.
Certificate of attendance, CME-CPD certificate and e-Poster certificate are not available for Group Leaders and Third Parties.

After the event, participants will be able to download their certificates based on their level of engagement. Please find additional information on the website (Scientific section) or directly contact

Follow our registration instructions to ensure a smooth registration process.

Stick to the EADV Official Registration Procedure

We would like to alert our members and delegates to the possibility of scam companies representing themselves as the official registration provider. They may use a range of tactics to deceive you, including using the EADV logo.

We strongly advise that you register only through the official EADV registration platfor

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