11-14 OCTOBER 2023

EADV Workshops

Besides the core scientific lectures, the EADV offers a variety of practical workshops in the hot fields of dermatology.

Chaired by experienced specialists and accommodating a small set of participants, a workshop is the ideal approach to immediately implement the skills you are learning, to gain hands-on experience and rapidly acquire knowledge on the subject. It also promotes interaction between the instructors and the course attendees and allows you to plunge in the beauty of international diversity.

All courses require a pre-registration and a pre-payment. Class sizes are limited to 30 places each and registrants are accepted on a first-paid, first-served basis.

Workshop nameDateTime
Use of Botox in cosmetic and medical dermatology (morning) | SOLD OUT! Wednesday, 11 October08:30-11:45
Use of Botox in cosmetic and medical dermatology (afternoon) | SOLD OUT! Wednesday, 11 October14:15-17:30
Surgery – Beginners | SOLD OUT! Wednesday, 11 October08:30-11:45
Surgery – Intermediate | SOLD OUT! Wednesday, 11 October14:15-17:30
Surgery – Advanced (morning) |  SOLD OUT!Thursday, 12 October08:30-11:45
Surgery – Advanced (afternoon) | SOLD OUT!Thursday, 12 October14:15-17:30
Wound Healing | SOLD OUT!Thursday, 12 October08:30-11:45
Dermoscopy – Practical and conceptual | SOLD OUT! Thursday, 12 October14:15-17:30
Phlebology Beginners | SOLD OUT!Friday, 13 October08:30-11:45
STI’ Diagnosis and TreatmentFriday, 13 October14:15-17:30
Laser treatment- Beginners | SOLD OUT! Friday, 13 October08:30-11:45
Allergology – Advanced |  SOLD OUT!Friday, 13 October14:15-17:30

Registering for a workshop

Workshops can be purchased only through an “Individual and Third Party registration” only. No Group registrations are possible.

During the registration process, while purchasing the ticket to attend the Congress, you will be also prompted with a list of available workshops. Select the one(s) you would like to attend and finalise your registration by paying the due fee (enrolment is not guaranteed until the financial transaction has been completed/the payment is received by the EADV).

If you already have a valid ticket to attend the Congress and now you would like to subscribe to a workshop, you can purchase it in 5 easy steps:

Access the Registration Platform with the credentials you used to register (email address + password)
Click on the panel “Individual and Third Party Registration”
Choose the option “Register or book tickets for yourself”
Select the workshop(s) you wish to attend from the list provided
Pay your purchase (enrolment is not guaranteed until the financial transaction has been completed/the payment is received by the EADV – first come/first served basis).

Terms and conditions

Please note that by purchasing your ticket in advance online, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


These terms and conditions apply to all delegates registering for one or more of the above workshops during the 32nd Congress in Berlin.

Who can attend?

All participants are welcome to attend any of our workshops. There may be different levels of learning, so please read carefully the description and target audience, before submitting your registration. Kindly note that to be able to attend a workshop you should also have a valid admission (i.e. a ticket for the full Congress or a daily ticket for the day of the selected workshop). Participation is limited and on first-come, first-served basis.

Workshop fee / Methods of payment

Each workshop has an additional fee of 50 EUR for EADV Members and 150 EUR for non-Members. Please note that workshops require a pre-paid booking via credit card (strongly suggested) or bank transfer.

The registration to a workshop is a supplement to the Congress admission which must also be purchased (workshops cannot be booked or purchased without an admission to the Congress).

Cancellation Policy

The EADV reserves the right to cancel a course if there is an insufficient number of registrants. In the unlikely event of cancellation, registrants will be notified immediately and all workshop fees will be promptly refunded.

If you have any further questions about the Scientific Programme, Credits or Certificates, please contact us at


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